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The mission of BearHug is to help business owners capture hidden value in their creations.

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Andrew N. Igharo - Founder



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-   anonymous high-level search for the right partner

-   salvage financial value

- refine hidden operational value for next phase or next venture

- summarize & record key learnings

- network around specific insights, teams, tools, & breakthroughs


The BeaRHUG Story

In 2015, after years of working as an executive for big corporations like JP Morgan Chase and Wells Fargo, I decided to start my own start-up that I hoped would grow into something larger but after some years of effort, I was forced to shut down. Toward the end, one of the greatest challanges I faced was finding the right enterprise partners for the business.  In my mind, it was not because the business didn’t have any assets but rather because the challenge of establishing, and just running a business while simultaneously having to grow that same enterprise can be an enormous mountain to overcome. Our goal is to address the issue of inadequate tools, roadmaps and systems to help drive strategic opportunities for founders & funders of start-up businesses and SME’s.

The BearHug community has been fostered, so far, by software and ex-finance industry professionals who have also founded, run and/or sold start-ups and small businesses. We have experience valuing businesses, big and small, and funding ventures, mergers and acquisitions on 4 continents. We look forward to hearing from you.